sweetosThe increasing trend towards Obesity and its associated health risks provides incentive and opportunity for the food industry to develop foods that are reduced in

calories. The desire to combine indulgence with benefits has propelled the market for Sugar less functional products to new heights. Ensigns have developed a range of Low Calorie Sweeteners under the Sweetos umbrella to help address the demand of reduced calorie products. Sweetos is a low calorie, high intensity sweetener made from Fructo-Oligo-Saccharide and Sucralose. Sweetos has a clean sweet taste with no after taste, is Low in calorie, has no adverse health effects, is economical and can be used to replace sugar in a wide variety of food products and beverages.

 Fructooilgosaccharied(FOS)/ Oligofrcto / Oligofructon

It is approved as a soluble fiber and it helps to reduce serum LDL Cholesterol Levels. Fructo-Oligo-Saccharide is a very good Prebiotic, which helps to improve immunity and is a healthy sweetener for Diabetics.

Sucralose is derived from sugar through a multi-step patented manufacturing process that selectively substitutes three atoms of chlorine for three hydroxyl groups on the sugar molecule. This change produces a sweetener that has no calories, yet is 600 times sweeter than sucrose. Sucralose tastes like sugar. It has a clean, quickly perceptible, sweet taste that does not leave an unpleasant aftertaste. The exceptional stability of sucralose allows both food manufacturers and consumers to use it virtually anywhere sugar is used, including cooking and baking.Sucralose is not utilized for energy in the body because it is not broken down like sucrose. It passes rapidly through the body virtually unchanged. Sucralose has been extensively tested in more than 100 studies during a 20-year period and found to be a safe and remarkably inert ingredient. One advantage of sucralose for food and beverage manufacturers and consumers is its exceptional stability. It retains its sweetness over a wide range of temperature and storage conditions and in solutions over time. Because of its stability, food manufacturers can use sucralose to create a number of great-tasting new foods and beverages in categories such as canned fruit, low-calorie fruit drinks, baked goods, and sauces and syrups. Sucralose also can be used as a sweetener in nutritional supplements, medical foods, and vitamin/mineral supplements.
Isomalt is a unique, excellent tasting sugar-free bulk sweetener. Because the same amount of isomalt is used in products as would be used if they were sweetened with sugar, isomalt-containing products have the same appearance and texture as those made with sugar.It has only a small impact on blood sugar levels and does not promote tooth decay. It has 2 kilocalories/g, half the calories of sugars.Isomalt offers benefits that suit changing life-styles and contemporary guidelines for healthy diets. It enlarges food choices for the growing number of people who would like to make moderate, but not extreme, improvements in their diet. It is ideal for consumers who want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, as long as foods still taste good.Because of its lower caloric value and other health benefits, isomalt is useful for people who are trying to reduce their total energy intake moderately while still being able to enjoy their favorite desserts, candy, and other sweetened foods occasionally as part of meals or snacks.

Sweetos has become an ideal sugar replacement in a wide range of food and beverage applications both for their functional, sensorial as well as nutritional properties.

Liquid Sweetener
Sweetos- Liquid Sweetener is a low Calorie Sweetener which contains Sucralose and Fructo-oligosaccharide.

SWEETOS” - Powder Sweetener
Sweetos- Powder Sweetener is a low calorie sweetener which contains Sucralose and Isomalt.
Sweetos & Diabetes :

The Need For a Sugar Substitute
Sugar is the naturally occurring nutrient that makes food taste sweet. It is a carbohydrate along with starch. Sugar is converted in the body to glucose. It is a useful source of energy for the human body up to a certain age, beyond which it gives excess calories that leads to weight gain and causes health risks. Obesity is a very common disease and much more serious than generally realized. In an era of gross over-nutrition every individual can switch to sugar free substitute like Sweetos, which can help control daily calorie intake and prevent life style diseases.
Safe for Diabetes :

Clinical studies have shown people with diabetes can safely consume sucralose. Sucralose is not recognized by the body as sugar or as a carbohydrate. It is not metabolized by the body for energy and does not affect blood glucose levels. Sucralose has no effect on blood glucose utilization, carbohydrate metabolism or insulin production.Products sweetened with sucralose provide good-tasting, lower-calorie alternatives for people with diabetes who are interested in reducing their caloric or sugar intake.

Product Apllication Pack Size
EH-01 Traditional Sweet
10 kgs, 25kgs & 75 kgs
Dry fruit Based Sweets
1 Kg, 5 kgs & 20kgs
EH-22 Baked product 10kgs, 25kgs & 75kgs
EH-26 Ice cream 10kgs, 25kgs & 75kgs


1)   Tastes like sugar
2)   Can help control calorie intake
3)   Advantageous for people with diabetes
4)   Does not promote tooth decay

Sweetener Benefits

Tastes like honey but low calorie :
FOS looks like honey and tastes like honey but is resistant to digestion in the stomach and small intestine and hence contributes very low calorie to the body

FOS works everywhere!
The excellent stability and quality taste of FOS means you can use it in a wide range of foods and beverages.

Good for Diabetic :
Fermented milk product containing FOS significantly lower LDL Cholesterol level in humans with borderline levels of serum total cholesterol. Other studies have credited FOS with lowering both cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  

FOS acts as a Dietary Fibre :
FOS improves the microbial ecology of the gut and protects against some bacterial pathogens, particularly in the large intestine. Improves metal absorption in the body.       

Prebiotic :
FOS promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon that helps in boosting immunity levels and it is also Prebiotic in nature.

Lower Caloric Value :
Isomalt's lower caloric value is partly due to the fact that the intestinal enzymes are not able to easily hydrolyze its more stable disaccharide bond. Less of it is digested and therefore less is absorbed from the small intestine into the blood, and this happens slowly.

Supports Gut Health :
Daily intake of 30 g isomalt was demonstrated to promote an increase of the “good” bacteria in the large intestine

Less Dental Caries Risk :
Isomalt is anti-cariogenic and does not promote dental caries because oral bacteria cannot readily convert it into decay causing acids. Isomalt can help repair early dental caries lesions.

Very low blood glucose and insulin response :
Due to the metabolism described above, isomalt hardly influences blood glucose or insulin after intake as demonstrated in a number of studies, thus isomalt is very low glycemic.

Extraordinary Heat Stability :
Sucralose is exceptionally heat stable, making it ideal for use in baking, canning, pasteurization, aseptic processing and other manufacturing processes that require high temperatures.

Long Shelf Life :
Sucralose combines the taste of sugar with the heat, liquid and storage stability of sugar required for use in all types of foods and beverages. It is particularly stable in acidic products, such as carbonated soft drinks, and in other liquid based products (e.g., sauces, jelly, milk products, processed fruit drinks).